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Even a perfectly repaired car’s value diminishes after an accident.
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DVCHECK is a provider of

Diminished Value
Appraisal Reports

Certified diminished value appraisal report that is accurate and widely accepted by insurance companies.

In-depth instructions and demand letter to submit to the insurance company.

Negotiation support throughout the claim settlement process from start to finish..

A risk-fee experience with our guarantee to ensure you’ll recover more than the cost of the diminished value appraisal fee.

Personalized assistance and advice from a trusted industry expert.

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Our Founder

Jim Marshall - CPCU, AIC, ASE

Jim is well known among diminished value appraisers with over 25 years of auto appraisal and insurance industry claims experience with Fortune 500 companies such as Kemper and SAFECO Insurance.

Leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you with your claim.

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We’ve made a complex process very simple!

We understand what insurance companies are looking for when they’re evaluating a claim. This expertise and the quality of our diminished value appraisal reports will help ensure that you maximize your payout. We treat your claim like it was our own!

You’ll be able to prove your diminished value claim by following our simple 3 step diminished value recovery process.

Diminished value recovery process

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We charge a one-time, flat fee upfront, typically $399 for most claims.

Our certified diminished value appraisal reports are accurate, not over-inflated, and are widely accepted by insurance companies.

Negotiate your settlement

We consult with you throughout the claim. Our ongoing assistance includes helping you build up additional evidence as well as personalized coaching to help you address any issues that may arise.

What is Diminished Value?

Learn everything you need to know about car accident diminished value, if you have it, how much you’ve lost, and how to file a claim.

Get information on how much diminished value you can claim and how it is calculated.

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Learn everything you need to know about what diminished value is and how to file a diminished value claim.

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Jim White

Well worth the investment.  Insurance company gave me a low ball offer and even provided reasons that looked legitimate to me.  Jim Marshall was quick to respond to my inquiries and provided additional supplemental information after the initial report. This resulted in me getting over 2x the initial offer on my claim.

Roger West

Delightful experience.  Jim really came through.  It's sad that some may need to hire an outside appraiser to advocate on our behalf because the insurance companies would rather short change their customers but thank goodness for businesses like Jim's that fight for our rights!

Gabriel Molina

We are extremely pleased with the outcome. Jim was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. We are so impressed with the entire process from Jim explaining the process to us, how he provided us with all the tools we needed for the claim, and his constant communication with us. Thank you!

Kevin Olivier

Jim was terrific to work with and 100% worth it. My Diminished Value Claim took about a year to process after my accident. Jim was on top of it and helped me every step of the way to an outcome I was very pleased with. Thanks!

Racquel J

Professional and accurate. I appreciate the service I received and the settlement offer agreed upon, close to 5k more than original offer. I appreciate you all advocating on my behalf and doing your due diligence!

Bryan Dastmalchi

I can't explain how great of a value this service is that DVCheck provides. With just 2 emails I got a $5,000 check from the at-fault party's insurance company. No questions asked. Jim is responsive and has all bases covered.