Total Loss

Totaled Car? Maximize Your
Insurance Total Loss Settlement!

Has your vehicle been declared a total loss? Unhappy with the insurance company’s settlement offer? Upset with the decision the insurance company made to repair your vehicle instead of deeming it a total loss vehicle?

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There’s a good chance that you’re about to lose money.

Why? Because total loss vehicle valuations are often inaccurate and contain errors that can go undetected by consumers who are unfamiliar with the process used in the insurance industry for determining a totaled car value.

The difference between what an insurance company will offer consumers who hire an independent appraiser compared to those who attempt to negotiate a settlement on their own is significant.

Fortunately, you’ve found DVCHECK– a nationwide provider of total loss vehicle appraisals. We can help you maximize the amount of your insurance total loss settlement.

You don’t have to accept the insurance total loss settlement offer.

You have the right to dispute and challenge the amount they offered for your totaled car.But you’re going to need industry knowledge, documentation, and support to convince an insurance company to increase your settlement offer.

Our total loss appraisal service can help you maximize your insurance settlement.

Start by requesting a free claim review.

Attach a copy of the insurance company total loss value report when you submit the form.

Within 24 hours, we’ll review the insurance company’s report and let you know if your settlement offer is fair or if you should have been offered more.

Your free claim review will give you the comfort of knowing in advance if the additional amount you’ll recover will exceed the cost of the services we’ll provide to help you maximize your claim. You’ll have the option of purchasing either a total loss appraisal with or without an on-site inspection.

Want to challenge the insurance company’s total loss settlement offer?

If your claim review indicates the insurance company offer does not reflect the actual cash value of your totaled car, we’ll recommend our total loss appraisal service.

For $300, you’ll get the following:

A customized, total loss car appraisal and all the information and documentation you’ll need to maximize the amount of your settlement.

Ongoing support throughout the negotiation and recovery process including over 20 years of total loss claim settlement experience. You’ll need our support and advice as you respond to questions and challenges from the insurance company once they learn that you’re planning on challenging their settlement offer.