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If you believe your car has diminished value due to a recent accident, you’re in the right place.

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Trusted Diminished Value Experts

DVCHECK is a nationwide provider of DIMINISHED VALUE APPRAISAL REPORTS for cars that will help you document and recover your vehicle’s diminished value after an accident. We’re committed to helping you recover the full amount of your vehicle’s lost value.

The best way to prove your claim is to hire licensed, highly qualified, competent, and independent diminished value experts.

That’s what you’ll get if your hire DVCHECK – a company founded by Jim Marshall.

Jim is well known among diminished value appraisers with over 25 years of auto appraisal and insurance industry claims experience with well-known Fortune 500 companies such as Kemper and SAFECO.

He is part of an elite group of nationally recognized diminished value experts. Unlike other online competitors who will simply plug your information into a simple software program, Jim will review your vehicle from bumper to bumper and create a customized report with all the details you’ll need to provide to maximize your diminished value claim.

He’ll prepare your diminished value report based on inside industry information and according to USPAP compliant documentation standards that are widely accepted by insurance companies. This will significantly improve your DIMINISHED VALUE RESULTS.

And most importantly, Jim has previous experience managing an insurance company’s diminished value department. That means he’s seen thousands of claims just like yours so he knows exactly what insurance companies will accept as proof of your diminished value claim.

Jim also publishes a diminished value blog that will help keep you current on the latest trends in the industry.

Highly regarded industry credentials

In addition to over 25 years of industry experience, Jim has highly regarded industry certifications including:

Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) – Many insurance company CEOs and senior executives have this designation, it is the most difficult credential to get. Only 2% of professionals in the insurance industry have it and only a fraction of those are diminished value appraisers. A CPCU is widely considered to be an industry expert.

Associate in Claims (AIC) – A certification that demonstrates in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and the technical, negotiation, and communication aspects of good-faith claim handling practices.

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Damage Analysis Appraiser – Getting this designation requires passing a difficult examination in all aspects of collision repair estimating.

I-CAR Platinum Pro-Level 3 – This is the highest certification level possible for an appraiser and body shop technician. Those who have this designation have received the highest level of training and knowledge of best practices for performing complete, safe, and quality repairs in the collision repair industry.

Licensed Auto Appraiser – This license ensures that your appraisal will be taken seriously.

Insurance company representatives who will review your diminished value claim are very familiar with these credentials. Because your claim will be based firmly on industry standards, it is less likely to be challenged than if you pay for a cheap, canned software report using unacceptable and questionable methods.

When Jim signs your appraisal, the insurance company will know you mean business because they’ll know you’ve hired an expert. If necessary, your diminished value appraisal will also be accepted as a credible way to prove your diminished value loss in a court of law.

It takes highly qualified diminished value appraisers to maximize your claim. For help with your claim, please call us at (850) 201-1950.